Scientists, Statistics, And Specialized Agencies?

U.S. Department of Education Fails Utterly In Its Responsibility to Oversee Charter School Sector
by janresseger

In her post Resseger quotes political scientist Jacob Hacker and Berkeley political scientist Paul Pierson from their book titled: American Amnesia which states,

Behavioral economics has identified the problem of “consumer myopia,” a widespread inability of people to discern their own best interests—and something that the marketers of charter schools know how to manipulate as parents look for schools: “We are easily distracted by shiny objects and thus vulnerable to being ‘primed’ to attend to particular aspects of a choice situation . . .We are very bad at assessing risks… We are prone to inertia.” (p. 81)

How should we expect government to correct for this widespread problem?

Research results are clear: . . . (W)e need government nudges, or even firm pushes, to make sound long-term decisions. (p. 82) 

Government’s role? “It’s about setting up basic rules, institutions, and policies that correct the market’s most serous failures… Moreover, government has sources of expertise (scientists, statistics, specialized agencies) that become more capable as societies become more complex. Increased complexity and interdependence make the case for a capable, informed public sector, not for letting markets alone deal with these challenges…” (p. 86)

What these authors are saying is, the American public is too ignorant and childish to make informed decisions as to how the system of education and our entire government should be run.

They have forgotten that “We, the people of the United States” are the government and that a sound, basic public education is supposed to educate the people so that we can govern ourselves and protect our freedoms.

An education is not something that should be held in front of our children like a carrot on a stick, never to be realized because it has been monetized.

Every child in America must receive a free and public, excellent education that concentrates on discovering, developing, and directing their individual gifts and talents towards becoming knowledgeable, actively engaged citizens that become our “sources of expertise” before this country can truly be governed by the people.

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