Ask And You Shall Receive

Will standardized performance-based assessments, with standardized student expectations be any better than current traditional, standardized exams???? by Monica Disare of Chalkbeat states,

“New York’s top education policymakers may ask legislators for roughly $34.9 million to help redesign state assessments . . .

The draft budget priorities also include funds to help teachers implement the state’s new learning standards, which are currently being revamped. The proposal sets aside $5 million for implementing the standards, including $2 million to develop instructional resources for English Language Learners and students with disabilities.”

It seems that the testing companies, which spent millions of taxpayer dollars to use our children to test the validity of their tests are now receiving $35 million educational tax dollars to redesign those tests.

A better question is, “Why are we spending $35 million dollars on more testing materials when we should be spending educational tax dollars educating children?”

It is obvious that our federal and state governments have lost sight of the importance of elementary and secondary education and are concentrated on shoring up the coffers of the “hedgehogs” by consistently finding ways to funnel valuable education dollars into their irrelevant standardized testing regime.

Part of those valuable dollars will be spent teaching teachers to teach to the test and not to our children.

Why would it take $5 million to implement an unnecessary test or $2 million to develop instructional resources resourceful educators have already developed?

By asking the “right” questions we may be able to expose the “corpolitical” control over our current system of education which keeps our children enslaved to their dehumanizing plan of economic domination.

We continue to allow the elite to make decisions that negatively affect the educational futures of our children even though we know that standardized testing is irrelevant and unnecessary to anyone except the “hedgehogs” who profit from it.

When we decide, as a nation, to remove the power of “corpolitical” control over our government by electing leaders who are more concerned with our children than the increased profits of the “hedgehogs” we will see an increase in the humanitarian beliefs and efforts of American citizens.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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