Engaged Or Enraged

Netflix has produce an original documentary titled “13th”.

It explores the history of enslavement in America from its inception to its current state, incarceration.

The activists, scholars, and politicians interviewed outline the facts and perceptions, the cause and consequences of the modern day enslavement of America’s “non-white” population.

This is an excellent historical document that brings the reality of the manipulation of America’s politicians by corporations to light.

However, there was no mention of our current system of education creating and sustaining today’s mass incarceration that was planned and implemented by the corporate and political elite to instill an attitude of racial inferiority in “non-whites” and an attitude of “white supremacy” in even the most liberal voters.

The documentary points out that both Democrats and Republicans have supported the corporate takeover of political action and the subsequent unjust treatment of all non-white Americans.

What the documentary does not mention or even allude to is how our current system of education has infiltrated the minds of all Americans, “white” and “non-white” making them believe that one human being is better than another human being because of their economical station in society.

The story told is one of dehumanization but does not explain that our dehumanization begins in school with our youngest children being subjected to tests that prove them incompetent instead of gifted and talented. Children, who are taught by individuals who have no faith in their educability or humanity, learn that they will never be “equal” because they will never be “white”.

Today’s social activists want to end poverty but not the hatred that perpetuates it for they too have been conditioned to believe that money will solve America’s problems when money is America’s problem.

Our unequal and unfair system of education prepares our children for an unequal and unfair system of justice causing them to be enraged.

When we begin to engage the gifts and talents of our children, we can begin to humanize our thoughts and beliefs, recognizing that every child, every human being, has something wonderful to offer this world.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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