Red Herrings

NYSUT offers the public this fact sheet on the consequences of opting out of standardized testing. It states,

The failure to meet the 95 percent participation requirement has no impact on a district’s state aid. SED is not authorized to withhold state aid based on assessments participation.

The 2014-15 state budget enacted laws that prohibit including the results of the grades three through eight ELA and mathematics assessments on a student’s permanent record until December 31, 2018

During the moratorium on the consequences of using the state growth model, growth scores will continue to be reported for informational purposes but are not allowed to be used for critical employment decisions . . .”

Opting out of standardized testing has proven standardized tests have no impact on student achievement. There are no real consequences for teachers or students which means that the only persons affected by the reduction in test takers are the “hedgehogs” who profit from the sale of testing materials and the information these tests produce on how slowly our level of intelligence is increasing which translates into how much longer they can expect to control consumers.

Teachers have known for years that standardized tests were meaningless to students and so teacher evaluation was added to increase their importance.

Why do district insist on having students to take these tests?

Failure fuels Funding!

Once a district proves that it is unable to effectively and efficiently provide an adequate education for its students it can apply for “special” funding from the state and federal governments through Title I. This is how poor, inner city districts like RCSD shore up their ever increasing budgets to afford their “administrative” costs.

Opting out has “outed” the irrelevance of testing and hopefully the horror of keeping our children ignorant for the blissful profits ignorance produces.

We must stop giving “hedgehogs” our children and make them start fishing for profits in other waters.

All children deserve to receive an excellent education that concentrates on discovering and developing their gifts and talents.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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