Motivate To Learn Not Earn

Motivation: The general desire or willingness of someone to do something.

What child at the age of five or six has the general desire or willingness to do anything but play?

Schooling is the great “unmotivator”.

When our youngest children enter the school system they are immediately prejudged as being less than educable because of where they live and how much money their parents have. They are not motivated to learn but to become part of a process that will objectify and standardize them.

Five and six year old children are expected to sit in their seat, not speak to one another, listen to an adult hollering at them to pay attention and repeat after me, walk in a straight line to and from specials and lunch, no nap, no caring, no love.

What is it school is trying to motivate our children to do?

If we want our children to be motivated to learn we should allow them to learn in the best way possible, through exploration.

This method has proven successful at World of Inquiry and Children’s School however the Rochester City School District did not support either but forced both to follow the strict edicts of the common core curriculum.

It is definitely a teacher’s job to motivate students however it is also a teacher’s job to follow the district’s mandate on common core instruction.

How do you motivate a young child to want to be tested three times a week on the same words, to prefer silence to laughter, sitting quietly to playing, walking in a straight line to running freely?

Public, private, or charter school does not matter to a child, the type of education they receive does.

Research has shown us the attitudes and expectations of teachers concerning “poor” inner-city children have a distinctly negative effect on those students causing them to be singled out for behavioral issues. It is quite possible their behavioral issues are motivated by their unwillingness to be standardized and dehumanized.

We must motivate our children to become lifelong learners not “hedgehog” earners.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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