Power, Talent, And Direction

Potential: Its root is potent, meaning powerful.

Meritocracy: A system in which the talented are chosen and moved ahead on the basis of their achievement.

Every individual has the power to become the best of who they were created to be by discovering the talent each has and developing it so that they can direct their talent towards achieving their true potential.

Telos: Is the essence of productivity; Aristotle claimed that an acorn’s intrinsic telos is to become a fully grown oak tree.

If the telos of an acorn is to become a fully grown oak, than the telos of a fertilized human egg is to become a fully grown person.

A child has the potential to become the best of whomever they were created to be as long as they know and understand that they are talented in some way and that talent will be recognized and respected causing them to achieve success in their life.

“Hedgehogs” would have us believe that the telos of our children is to become their workers when their true potential is to be powerful in whatever they choose to do.

We choose not to teach our children discipline in school, we punish them instead. By not allowing them the opportunity to control themselves but be controlled by fear and hatred, we remove their power and diminish their potential.

Our current system of education is not a meritorious one but instead rewards individuals for denying their true potential and succumbing to the standardization of the “college and career ready” path or the incarceration of the “school to prison” pipeline.

It was not the intent of education to build strong workers but to create a knowledgeable, actively engaged citizens who could and would become the potential leaders of our government.

When we change the current system of education so that all children have the opportunity to reach their full potential, we can then become a meritorious nation that can fulfil its telos by being the most powerful nation on Earth, leading the rest of the world toward peace.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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