Educated Children Become Proficient Adults

A report published in September of 2016 asks the question, “Can student test scores provide useful measures of school principals’ performance?”

It states, “A new report from the Institute of Education Sciences [completed by researchers at Mathematica Policy Research] examines the accuracy of test-based measures of principal performance that could be implemented broadly.”

In the early days of education, before the every student succeeds act, common core, race to the top, or no child left behind, the system of education in America actually educated children.

Though children were only educated to the Eighth grade level, that level far exceeded the current expectation for Eighth grade level knowledge. In fact seniors today would not be able to pass the Eighth grade assessments of one hundred years ago.

Our current system of education is not concerned with educating children, it is more concerned with the evaluation of adults who went to college, obtained their degree, and were hired to teach children.

Teachers are supposed to be evaluated by the administrators not student test scores.

Administrators are supposed to be evaluated by the superintendent not student test scores.

Test scores are supposed to determine student achievement in a particular content area.

In the past, teachers created their own evaluations and standardized evaluations were given midterm and at the end of the school year. Scores for those tests were known almost immediately and the teacher could adjust lessons according to individual and class progress.

Today, standardized test scores are not calculated and received until long after the student has been passed on to the next grade, making the evaluation of student progress useless to the teacher and the student.

“Why are adults placing the burden of adult evaluation on children?” would be a better question to ask.

If student test scores determine the effectiveness of teachers and administrators, shouldn’t students get paid for their input since they are performing a valuable service, maintaining the integrity of the profession of teaching?

We are spending valuable education dollars on adult education and evaluation when our nation’s children are failing educationally.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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