There Is Nothing To Fear But Ignorance

American citizens are wondering how we came to a point in our history when no one really wants either of the two presidential candidates to become president.

Public education, when it began, was just that, the education of the public to at least an Eighth grade level so that the people could become involved in the government of their country.

Those who would lead the country at that time knew the people were poor and ignorant, indentured servants and slaves, fighting for their freedom from the tyranny and oppression of the British.

“The Civil War maintains the highest American casualty total of any conflict. In its first 100 years of existence, over 683,000 Americans lost their lives, with the Civil War accounting for 623,026 of that total (91.2%).”

The electoral college was enacted because the country was depleted of human and financial resources, the people were not educated enough to govern themselves.

The Civil War took its toll in men, women and slaves could not vote and the country was ripe for sale to the elite of England.

The industrial revolution had begun and the elites no longer needed sharecroppers, they needed workers. Elite investors did not want an educated populous, they wanted a working, industrious citizenry that owed allegiance to the company, not to America. Our children are no longer required to pledge allegiance to their country.

We, the people, have never elected our president, the electoral college always has because the people are too ignorant, still, to do so.

In fact, people are more ignorant now, in the 21st Century, of the issues that concern America than they were in the beginning of this country, in the 18th Century.

We no longer teach our children their country’s in-depth history. We don’t point out the flaws of the past so that we can learn for the future.
Providing every child in America with an excellent education, concentrated on their individual gifts and talents, is the only way to take our country back and evolve into the highly intelligent, respectful, peaceful nation most believe we already are.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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