We Want Because We Waste

Agency Information Collection Activities; Submission to the Office of Management and Budget for Review and Approval; Comment Request; National Teacher and Principal Survey of 2017-2018 (NTPS 2017-18) Preliminary Field Activities

Abstract: The National Teacher and Principal Survey, conducted biennially by the National Center for Education Statistics, is a system of related questionnaires that provides descriptive data on the context of elementary and secondary education.

Redesigned from the Schools and Staffing Survey with a focus on flexibility, timeliness, and integration with other ED data, the NTPS system allows for school, principal, and teacher characteristics to be analyzed in relation to one another. NTPS is an in-depth, nationally representative survey of first through twelfth grade public school teachers, principals, and schools. Kindergarten teachers in schools with at least a first grade are also surveyed. NTPS utilizes core content and a series of rotating modules to allow timely collection of important education trends as well as trend analysis. Topics covered include characteristics of teachers, principals, schools, teacher training opportunities, retention, retirement, hiring, and shortages.

This request is to contact districts and schools in order to begin preliminary activities for NTPS 2017-18, namely: (a) Contacting and seeking research approvals from special contact districts, where applicable, (b) notifying districts that their school(s) have been selected for NTPS 2017-18, and (c) notifying sampled schools of their selection for the survey and verifying their mailing addresses.

Total Estimated Number of Annual Burden Hours: 3,537.

Every two years this government spends nearly 4,000 hours and countless millions in tax payer dollars to determine the characteristics of teachers, principals, schools, teacher training opportunities, retention, retirement, hiring, and shortages.

This survey in no way affects student achievement, why is the federal government spending valuable education dollars to gather information on the adults that have already received their education.

This money should be spent to educate children.

This request for tax dollars will only begin the process, more money will be spent to initiate the survey.

How long will we, the people, continue to allow the government to commandeer our valuable tax dollars to fill the coffers of the “hedgehogs”?

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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