Tax Dollars Must Educate Children Not Fund Universities

Agency Information Collection Activities; Submission to the Office of Management and Budget for Review and Approval; Comment Request; IES Research Training Program Surveys

Abstract: “The surveys are for participants in the fellowship research training programs and the non-fellowship research training programs . . . These programs provide universities support to provide training in education research and special education research to graduate students (predoctoral program) and postdoctoral fellows. IES also supports non-fellowship research training . . .”

Why are we spending critical education dollars on providing support to universities?

Why are we supporting doctoral programs when we are failing to provide our elementary and secondary school children with an excellent education? These are administrative positions in education and administrators are rarely in contact with students.

Teachers, are allowed to teach our children right out of college with their four year degree.

No one would allow a doctor with only four years of education to operate on them nor would they allow a lawyer, with only a Bachelor’s degree to defend them, unless they cannot afford a lawyer and will be awarded a public defender who is overworked and underpaid.

Each year the system of education places its youngest teachers, teachers with no children and no experience raising children, in classrooms with five and six year old children.

These teachers are also overworked and underpaid but more importantly, inexperienced. They enter their school to teach their impoverished students, knowing next to nothing about childhood development, or the experience of inner-city living. They also enter with a pre-conceived notion about the educational development of “poor” children that tells them that these children learn differently or are unable to learn at all.

This country preys upon the poor, using them to fill the coffers of the “hedgehogs” by keeping them ignorant and making them service workers for the middle class.

When we provide every child in America with a developmentally appropriate, Arts based, experiential education, universities will be paying students to attend their institutions.

Our children deserve an excellent education, delivered by knowledgeable, experienced teachers who recognize and respect their gifts and talents.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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