From The Federal Register

Agency Information Collection Activities; Comment Request; Common Core of Data School-Level Finance Survey 2016-2018:

Abstract: In response to a growing demand, the National Center for Education Statistics, within the U.S. Department of Education, has developed and conducted a pilot, in 2015 and 2016 (OMB #1850-0803), of a new collection of finance data at the school level. The School-Level Finance Survey centrally collects school-level finance data form state education agencies, and is an extension of two existing collections conducted by NCES, in collaboration with the U.S. Census Bureau, the School District Finance Survey and the state-level National Public Education Financial Survey. The Every Student Succeeds Act signed into law on December 10, 2015, requires SEAs and local agencies to produce report cards for the 2017-18 school year that include per-pupil actual personnel and nonpersonnel expenditures of Federal, State, and local funds, disaggregated by source of funds, for each local educational agency and each school in the State for the preceding fiscal year. SLFS collects 30 expenditure items, 12 of which are “personnel” and 18 “nonpersonnel” expenditures. The SLFS data items and definitions are consistent with those in the NPEFS and F-33 surveys. The first year of the pilot SLFS data collection (for fiscal year FY 2014) commenced on May 7, 2015, with 12 SEAs participating, and the second year of data collection (for FY 2015) commenced on April 4, 2016, with 19 SEAs participating. This request is to annually collect national SLFS data in 2017 through 2019, covering FY 2016 through 2018, and corresponding to school years 2015/16 through 2017/18.

Total Estimated Number of Annual Burden Hours: 4,938.

At an average salary of $20 per hour, the Annual Burden Hours will cost taxpayers $10,000.00 in education dollars. This is a very low estimate.

This is being done in response to a growing demand for what?

Is this a new data collection or an extension of an existing one?

States have been reporting this data for years, why is the federal government spending valuable education dollars to gather information it already has?

This is another way to funnel tax dollars into the coffers of the “hedgehogs”.

Our children deserve an excellent education not another survey taking money away from providing them one.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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