Ketchup v Catsup

“Ketchup and catsup are simply two different spellings for the same thing, a modern, Westernized version of a condiment that European traders were introduced to while visiting the Far East in the late 17th century.” Mental Floss

Though ketchup and catsup are the same thing, the newer spelling suggested to some that catsup was an inferior brand of ketchup. Because of this, many people would not buy catsup.

Labels are very powerful things. People rely on labels to inform them and to warn them.

When we attach a label to a child, “kid”, even though the original meaning is a baby goat, it can stick and become part of common culture and beliefs.

Saying that a child who lives in poverty has less of a chance for educational success than a wealthy child simply because of their impoverished condition, speaks more to the amoral attitudes of Americans than it does to the educability of any child.

This country was founded on the hard work of the poor. From slave to indentured servant to immigrant, they were all poor and they worked hard towards making America great whether they wanted to or not because they knew there was hope for a better life if they worked hard. Even the slaves believed that.

Yes, even the slaves believed in the Constitution and used it to gain their freedom and their rights, not in spite of how poor they were but because of how poor they were.

We have placed labels on ourselves and allowed labels to be placed on our children. We have convinced ourselves that we are better because we have more money and things than others.

We tell our children that it is better to be wealthy than to be human. College and career readiness will overcome your impoverished state. You will learn how to make money and how to save and spend money but you will not learn how to recognize and respect the gifts and talents that we all possess.

Children are children and they deserve to be respected not labeled.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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