This message came via e-mail:

“In June 2016, a teacher from School #1 in Rochester New York came across an article which stated that School #1 was being displaced.  There was no communication with students, parents, staff, teachers, or the principal.  The Rochester City School District Board of Education along with their Director of Operations and Facilities came up with a “Master Plan” that did not include parent or community involvement.  The plan is to renovate School #1; which is well needed; however the board would like to place School #15 in School #1 building after renovation.  Our children deserve to go back home to their building. We the parents, staff, teachers and students are trying to figure out how it makes sense to evict children from their home.  What sets School #15 apart from School#1 children.  Why does School #1 family have to suffer for the mistakes and decisions of the board due to their failing modernization plans. School #1 provides structure,  a solid loving  productive educational environment for all children including children that are; autistic, deaf, and children with social emotional challenges.  When you transition children with such special needs you interfere with their growth and learning process.  School #1’s location is important as it provides a small safe learning environment with the use of strategic transition methods which is imperative to the unique students that attend School #1. The families, parents, staff, teachers, and students of School #1 are in much emotional pain because we have been shut out of the “Master Plan”  process.  Parents right to have a voice and community involvement was compromised, and still today we have no answers from RCSD Board.”

Our goal is to reach 500 signatures and we need more support. You can sign the petition here:

It is important that the community voice be heard in decisions concerning the educational success of our children.

Children are not parts in a warehouse to be moved about when ordered.

When we allow our children to be standardized and dehumanized by our current system of education it is believed that we will allow any of their decisions.

Our voice is the power that must change the system.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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