Public – And Private – And Charter – Oh My!

It wasn’t the animals in the forest that frightened Dorothy, it was her journey to the truth. The animals she encountered represented her fears. Once she faced her fears and realized that she was intelligent, courageous and strong, she was able to face the Wizard to learn that she had the power, not the Wizard.

The decision between public, private or charter school is moot. These are simply means to an end and the end is control.

Our greatest challenge as a people is to realize that we, the people, are powerful and the Wizard is merely pulling levers and pushing buttons, making us believe that he is the most powerful man in Oz.

Like Dorothy, we must face our fear and change.

No one will deny the fact that every child is gifted and talented in some way, yet we are afraid to create a positive system of education that is concentrated on discovering those gifts and talents. Instead, we concentrate on discovering a child’s disability, making them struggle through the day learning material they are not developmentally ready to learn.

Research has proven that experiential play and discovery excites the child, develops critical thinking skills, and connects the child to the world around them.

Our current system of education has removed experience and discovery from the curriculum and replaced it with seat work and testing, which research has shown to be the least effective method of childhood education.

It is not whether public, private, or charter schools are better, they are all inefficient and ineffective because they all deride, disrespect, and dehumanize our children. Even those institutions that allow play and exploration because they also concentrate on our children’s weaknesses instead of their strengths.

We, as a people, must face our fear of change, gather our intelligence, strength, and courage, and remove the lever pulling, button pushing, “hedgehogs” that control our current system of education.

Our children deserve a system of education that believes in them and gives them the opportunity to be powerful and not controlled by fear and hate.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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