The Next Coffin Nail

Nearsightedness: Unable to see things clearly unless they are relatively close to the eyes.

The American public has an all encompassing view of education whose problems and failures are not considered important unless they directly affect the individual.

In her report, Why do kids go to school? Americans are divided on the answer, a new poll shows. Valerie Strauss writes,

“Americans, asked to pinpoint the purpose of school, were divided. Is school supposed to prepare students academically? Or for the workforce? Or to be knowledgeable citizens able to participate in American civic life?

Less than half — 45 percent — of adult Americans say preparing students academically is the main goal of a public school education . . . Other Americans split between saying the main purpose of public schools is to prepare students for work — 25 percent — and for citizenship, 26 percent.

Those who say public schools should mainly prepare students for work are less positive in their views; 42% in this group give their schools top marks vs. 53% of those who say the main objective is preparing children academically.

Putting a priority on academics peaks at 56% among parents with at least one child in public school, compared with four in 10 of those who don’t have a school-age child. Half of those between ages 30 and 64 pick academics, compared with 37% of both younger and older Americans, who instead are more likely to emphasize citizenship.”

If we, as a united nation, have no strong feelings about the purpose of education the “hedgehogs” will continue to control the industry that places values and perceptions in the minds and hearts of our children.

We still have not recognized the importance of developmentally appropriate education. We continue to educate our youngest the way we educate our oldest. We place more emphasis on higher learning, college bound activities than we do on discovering the gifts and talents all of our children possess.

All of America’s children deserve a developmentally appropriate, Arts based, experiential education that concentrates on discovering, developing, and directing their individual gifts and talents towards realizing their personal success and the success of the Nation.

Join the Movement to Save Our Schools!

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