Caring Matters

What High Schools Can Do to Keep Students from Dropping Out by Stephen Kotok, Sakiko Ikoma and Katerina Bodovski was published by AJE Forum on August 15, 2016

It stated, “We found that both school disciplinary order and school attachment were important components, but that the most important factor was whether a student attended a school where the students felt a high level of attachment to their school and teachers. In fact, attending a school with a higher school attachment decreased the odds of being a current dropout by 67%.”

Making the decision to drop out of school does not begin in high school. By middle school most drop outs have determined that school is not for them and are merely waiting to turn sixteen so they can “dropout” legally.

At the beginning of a child’s educational career they are taught not to make attachments with administrators, teachers, or other school personnel. Adults are warned against forming attachments to the children. The school year is 180 days and at the end of that time children are sent home for the summer with no knowledge of where they will be returning to school, who their teacher will be, or who their classmates will be.

Each year we ask our children to form new relationships with peers and adults they know will end within a school year’s time.

“Resolving the school climate gap requires one of the two courses of action. The more direct approach of creating more racially and economically integrated schools requires district, metropolitan, and state-level action. Rather than waiting for district and state actors to intervene, school leaders can instead work to foster a community of caring amongst their staff and students.”

In the past, teachers stayed with their students until graduation. A relationship was formed between the teacher and the family with all working together towards the child’s educational success.

Today’s schools are not designed to foster relationships, they are designed to create workers. They purposefully segregate, discriminate against, and dehumanize our children.

We know what is best, we need only do what is best.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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