Respect Will Eliminate The Gap

In an article by Monica Disare titled, “Chancellor Rosa: New York’s state test scores are no cause for a ‘victory lap’” she wrote, “(Chancellor) Rosa noted that across the state, part of the reason to hold off celebrating is the achievement gap between students of color and white students remains intact.”

A leader in education has no problem admitting that our current system of education is inefficient and ineffective in educating students of color.

This educational leader has no problem admitting this country openly discriminates against children who are not “white”.

To compare every other child in America to one cultural group of children is unconscionable and detrimental to all children.

As long as any system of education creates a distinction between and among the individuals they are to educate by making one culture superior to all others, there will always be an “achievement” gap between students of color and those students.

As long as the experiences, perceptions, and opinions of a self appointed “dominant” culture persists in determining the roles, rules, and moral attitudes of America, there will always be a gap in the ability of every other culture outside of the dominant one to “measure up” to that culture.

It is not only our current system of education that is segregationist and discriminatory, it is the attitude of Americans that persists in perpetuating the belief that “white” culture is the measure of excellence for which we must all strive.

Unfortunately, every other culture in America has willingly accepted their role as a “sub-culture” in a country where “all men are created equal”. Because of this we allow the measure of educational achievement to be nothing more than a means of subjugation and enslavement for all of our children.

When we provide every child in America with a developmentally appropriate education, founded in the Arts, experiential and concentrated on discovering, developing, and directing their gifts and talents towards becoming knowledgeable, respectful, actively engaged citizens of these United States we will have the ability to get rid of the achievement gap all together.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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