The New ESSA Continued

PRIORITY.—The State educational agency, in allocating funds to local educational agencies under this section, shall give priority to local educational agencies that ‘‘(1) serve high numbers, or a high percentage of, elementary schools and secondary schools . . . 2) demonstrate the greatest need for such funds, as determined by the State; and ‘‘(3) demonstrate the strongest commitment to using funds under this section to enable the lowest-performing schools to improve student achievement and student outcomes.

There are no accountability measures attached to this ambiguously stated priority.

SPECIAL RULE.—Notwithstanding any other provision of this section, the amount of funds reserved by the State educational agency under subsection (a) for fiscal year 2018 and each subsequent fiscal year shall not decrease the amount of funds each local educational agency receives under subpart 2 of part A below the amount received by such local educational agency under such subpart for the preceding fiscal year.

LEA’s will never get less funding meaning they have to fail to get more funding.

PRIORITY.—In making such awards, the State educational agency shall prioritize awards to local educational agencies serving the highest percentage of schools, as compared to other local educational agencies in the State—

The educational needs of children in small rural communities will be ignored.

LOCAL USE OF FUNDS.—A local educational agency receiving an award under this section— ‘‘(1) may use not more than 1 percent of its award for outreach and communication to parents about available direct student services described in paragraph (3) in the local educational agency and State; ‘‘(2) may use not more than 2 percent of its award for administrative costs related to such direct student services;

Communicating with parents is less important than paying administrators.

‘‘(II) leads to industry-recognized credentials that meet the quality criteria established by the State under section 123(a) of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act

The reauthorization of the ESEA changes its name and reinvests educational tax dollars in the development of “hedgehog” profits and the social ignorance that keeps the public unaware of their enslavement and control.

Our children deserve more than to become America’s “workforce”.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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