Unchartered Territory

Carol Burris of the Network for Public Education sent this notice out, “During the annual NAACP convention in Cincinnati, the delegates stood up to the charter school lobby and the billionaires that support it. Delegates passed a resolution to put a moratorium on the expansion of privately managed charter schools. They also passed resolutions against the excessive disciplinary practices, waste, fraud, and sorting and selecting of students in admissions associated with charters.”

There are eighteen charter schools in Rochester with more on the way. It seems the members of the Rochester City School Board are not in agreement with the views of the NAACP delegates.

For decades our School Board has been consolidating our children into large school buildings in order to reduce their carbon footprint.

Elementary school children are forced into classrooms with, at times, more than twenty-five students and only one teacher when the research shows that at the elementary level there should be no more than fifteen to eighteen students in a classroom with one teacher.

It seems charter schools are able to provide the lower class size that our School Board simply refuses to.

The push for charter schools would be relevant if they actually outperformed unchartered public schools but they do not. They simply serve to place another level on a playing field that is already impossible for too many children to navigate.

Our educational leaders feel it is prudent to admit that they are unable to provide our children the educational experience that a charter school, in its infancy, is able to provide.

Our sitting school board members believe that a newly formed charter school employing novice teachers can offer the level of dedicated and experienced teachers experts say are necessary to educate inner city students.

We know that charter schools are not outperforming “normal” public schools. We know that charter schools separate and segregate our children to an even greater degree. We know that our current system of education is damaging to our children.

When will we act on what we know and change the system?

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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