Reading – Yesterday And Today

In the past, when reading was the only way to convey information on a large scale, children would see adults reading books, newspapers, and letters. Print was everywhere. It was informative and appreciated. The written word was respected.

In the past, all subjects were taught through reading first, then doing.

The title of a book would elicit the excitement, wonder and intrigue that is born from a true love of reading.

Reading would excite the imagination of children, taking them to marvelous, far off places that one could only dream of visiting.

Today, due to technology, children do not see adults reading. Newspapers, books, and correspondence are read on-line with blogs and tweets replacing actual conversations.

Reading in school is done in isolation, at a certain time during the day and for a specific reason, to answer the questions on the test.

Reading today is compartmentalized and standardized. It’s function is to prepare our children for college and then a job, not life as a successful adult.

Life does not occur in neat little packages that are easy to digest. Life doesn’t happen the same way every day with the same outcomes.

Life is all day, every day, not eight hours a day, five days a week.

Adults are searching for soul mates on-line and on television because they do not have the people skills and self-confidence to meet someone in person.

Reading offers children the opportunity to relate to others who have gone through similar experiences and survived them. It gives them the understanding that they are not alone and that they can be great no matter what circumstances they encounter.

Reading the stories of individuals who have suffered similar fates gives children hope that they too can rise out of the muck in which life has them stuck. It prepares us for life and creates a sense of empathy for others that brings us together as a people.

Reading is a function of communication that is vitally important.

Our children deserve to know and understand the importance of the written word.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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