Teaching Is A Dedication Not A Career

It is in no way unusual that the public sees teachers as less than honorable when teachers have no reason to be loyal to a profession that has done little to advance their political voice in the evolution of educational theory and practice.

In fact, the opposite is true in that the political voice of teachers was handed over to unions who tell their constituency how and for whom to vote.

Since public school implementation and integration, teachers have had little say over curriculum or procedure. They are consistently submissive to parents, administrators, superintendents, school boards, and research experts, many of whom who have had little association with the education of multiple students in a classroom setting.

It is important to note that though all of these individuals have had interactions with children, the classroom relationships that form between a teacher and students is one that incorporates all of those personas and a few more when necessary.

According to Statista, “The annual mean wage among the 4 million preschool, primary, secondary, and special education school teachers in the U.S. stood at 56,370 U.S. dollars.”

It is clear that dedicated educators are not in the profession because they are power hungry or money mad.

Dedicated teachers teach because they understand and respect the power of knowledge.

Dedicated teachers see the potential in every child to learn and become an important member of this society.

Dedicated teachers know and understand that every child is gifted and talented and that by recognizing those gifts and talents instruction can be differentiated to make learning exciting and fun for everyone.

When every teacher in America stands together and demands that we change our current system of education from testing and punishment to a system where exploratory learning is encouraged and developmentally appropriate, you will see a drastic change in the level of educational success experienced by all children.

When every teacher in America recognizes and respects their individual gifts and talents they will be able to recognize and respect the gifts and talents others possess.

Our children deserve dedicated teachers.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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