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From the Federal Register:

Final Priority and Requirements-Technical Assistance on State Data Collection Program-Targeted and Intensive Technical Assistance to States on the Analysis and Use of Formative and Summative Assessment Data To Support Implementation of States’ Identified Measurable Result(s)

Purpose of Program: The purpose of the Technical Assistance on State Data Collection program is to improve the capacity of States to meet the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) data collection and reporting requirements.

Funding for this program is authorized under section 611(c)(1) of IDEA, which gives the Secretary the authority to reserve funds appropriated under Part B of the IDEA to provide technical assistance activities authorized under section 616(i) of IDEA.

Section 616(i) of IDEA requires the Secretary to review the data collection and analysis capacity of States to ensure that data and information determined necessary for implementation of IDEA section 616 are collected, analyzed, and accurately reported to the Secretary.

It also requires the Secretary to provide technical assistance, where needed, to improve the capacity of States to meet the data collection requirements under IDEA Parts B and C, which include the data collection and reporting requirements in sections 616 and 618 of IDEA.

Though the program is still in effect the last reported funding was Fiscal Year 2011 $25,000,000

Number of New Awards Anticipated: 0
Number of Continuation Awards: 3 – California, North Carolina, and the Dept. of Ed.
Average Continuation Award: $6,083,333
Range of Continuation Awards: $3,250,000–$8,990,850

Note: These funds are set aside from funds appropriated for Special Education—Grants to States . . .

In 2012 the Department of Education awarded itself $6.4 million dollars with an approximate sum received yearly.

On average, more than $6,000,000 million dollars each year in Special Education funding is spent on the ability of two States to collect, analyze, and report to the Secretary of Education, data on our children.

Data collected from two States cannot provide enough information on the many classifications or needs of classified children for the government to make an educated decision on any Special Education issue.

Our children deserve a government that seeks to properly educate them instead of securing “hedgehog” profits.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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