More Core Training

The D&C reports Ms.Deane-Williams, “. . . was first approached about the Rochester job (as superintendent) about three weeks ago, she said — after the board’s negotiations with Ithaca Superintendent Luvelle Brown fell through.

“This presents an opportunity for me to join a system that is well on its way to building bridges and … better schools for each and every child,” she said.

She signed a three-year contract with an annual salary of $225,000, formally beginning Aug. 8.

Deane-Williams and the school board talked at length Monday about improving relationships, both in the community and at central office.”

Ms. Deane-Williams began her educational career as a guidance counselor. She was never an administrator or a classroom teacher. She is a believer in the common core.

As part of Deane-Williams’ initiatives in the Greece school district, the following was quoted in the district’s vision:

Moving Forward
NY State Reform Agenda
The New York State Education Department has outlined an
aggressive new reform agenda establishing high expectations
for New York State schools. Its components support cohesive
transformation to ensure all students graduate from high
school college and career ready.
1. Adopt Common Core standards and developing curriculum
and assessments aligned to these standards to prepare
students for success in college and the workplace.
2. Build instructional data systems that measure student
success and inform teachers and principals how they can
improve their practice in real time.
3. Recruit, develop, retain and reward effective teachers and
4. Turn around the lowest-achieving schools.”

The first points of this agenda support the common core, its policies and procedures.

If effective teachers and principals are rewarded, what will happen to those who are deemed ineffective? How will teacher and principal effectiveness or ineffectiveness be determined?

The RCSD Board voted unanimously to hire Ms. Deane-Williams which means they unanimously voted to retain and maintain common core initiatives.

Until we elect educational leaders that care more about our children than complying with State regulated mandates that insure their budgetary demands which include a $225,000 dollar superintendent’s salary, we will never turn around our lowest achieving schools or properly educate our children.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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