See The Child Not The Circumstance

In Mark Hare’s most recent GS4A blog he cites Michael Eric Dyson, a Georgetown University sociologist and author as saying,

“If you are white (especially if you are affluent), ” you are given a pair of binoculars that see black life from a distance, never with the texture of intimacy,” Dyson says. “…Those binoculars are…stories, bad stories, biased stories, harmful stories, about how black people are lazy, or dumb, or slick, or immoral, people who can’t be helped by the best schools or even God himself. These beliefs don’t make it into contemporary books, or into most classrooms. But they are passed down, informally, from one white mind to the next.”

Unfortunately, Mr. Dyson is wholly incorrect. These hate filled beliefs are passed down from generation to generation very formerly and most certainly make it into contemporary books and into most classrooms. Their devastation not only affects the way Whites see Blacks but how Blacks see themselves.

Dyson refers to the perspective that is promoted through “hedgehog” propaganda as a pair of binoculars however, binoculars bring the truth closer, they don’t shade it as a pair of sunglasses would.

Whites don’t see Black life through binoculars, they see it through the perspective of the elite who fill the television airwaves with lies about the power of money and success. In fact, Blacks don’t see the reality of White life for the same reason.

People don’t see, or listen, or learn, they follow, blindly. They make the choices they are told to make and believe that success is connected to financial security that comes from being college and career ready.

Mr. Dyson’s perspective, like so many others, is skewed by the “common” core propaganda that there is a norm that we all must achieve in order to be considered “successful” Americans.

This norm dehumanizes everyone, Black and White, by creating an attitude of superiority that is connected to an ideal that one person is better than another because of how many things they have and how much money they earn.

Our children are people first.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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