Not At All Common

Hillary Clinton has a Common Core problem by Nicholas Tampio reports,

“Business elites favor the education standards and think that they will raise America’s status in the global economy.”

“Clinton believes the idea of the Common Core is good. She is proud of her vote, as New York senator, for No Child Left Behind, the 2001 act that committed America to standards-based reform that the Obama administration has continued.”

“The makeup of this first meeting illustrates the fundamental concern that many education activists have: . . . that it has been led by business and political elites who want to circumvent the democratic process to impose their educational vision on the country“.

“. . . There were 24 members of the Standards Development Work Group, mostly composed of representatives from testing companies such as ACT and College Board as well as textbook publishers such as Pearson and McGraw-Hill.”

“… educators or states have not led the Common Core. It has been, in Schneider’s words, “a tool of control in the hands of a privileged, well-connected and amply financed few.”

“Clinton thus faces a choice. She could side with the business interests that want to see the Common Core implemented come hell or high-water. (The Gates Foundation is the single largest contributor to the Clinton Foundation, and the Clintons have long supported standards-based reform.) Or, she could side with the teachers and parents who see that the standards lead to adverse educational consequences, particularly for early grade students, children with disabilities and English language learners.”

As the race for president comes to an end candidates are making their final push for votes. And though they know that the popular vote is inconsequential in a presidential election they would like to maintain the illusion that every American has a say in who will run their country.

Hillary Clinton has always sided with the elites who have funded her company and her campaign.

It is through the lack of education of our children that the “hedgehogs” continue to enslave the populous to the “college and career” path that leads to poverty and middle class imprisonment.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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