A New Direction Means A New Board

The Board of Education for the Rochester City School District is in need of a new superintendent.

The community does not know who is being considered, their first choice fell ill and their next declined.

Community members have tried to force Dr. William Cala out of retirement and service to the children of Africa into the position.

Unfortunately, not even Dr. Cala would be able to change the course of Rochester’s failure as is substantiated by the fact that during his interim tenure the Board resisted his policies and procedures and failed to support his appointment as permanent superintendent choosing instead Jean Claude Brizard who left the district for Chicago.

On the RCSD website under Board Information it states:

“The Rochester Board of Education is a seven-member board elected by the citizens of Rochester to direct and oversee the operations of the school district. Board Commissioners serve four-year terms.
Among the duties of the Board of Education are the following:

Setting the strategic direction of the district through policy development and adoption;

Appointing the Superintendent of Schools;

Promoting an alliance of teachers, administrators, students, parents, citizens, government, and community resources;

Working to secure adequate resources for maximizing student learning;

Ensuring the wise use of community educational assets and resources;

Serving on Board committees addressing the areas of Board Governance & Development, Community &

Intergovernmental Relations, Finance & Resource Allocation, Policy Development & Review, and Excellence in Student Achievement;

Representing the best interests of the citizens of Rochester through effective leadership.”

It is not the superintendent who sets the strategic direction of the district, it is the Board. The direction of this Board of Education has been failure.

We must begin to elect educational leaders that recognize and respect the gifts and talents of our children.

Our educational leaders must believe that our children are worth more than college and career readiness.

Our educational leaders must value our children, not the cost of educating them.

When we provide every child in American with an excellent education, they will become the leaders chosen by the people, for the people.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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