Not Good For The Goose Or The Gander

In his blog post for Inside Higher Ed “Why Can’t My New Employees Write?” By John Warner, he writes, “My students’ chief struggle tends to be rooted in years of schooling where what they have to say doesn’t really matter, and the primary focus is on “how” you say things.”

Excellent Sheep, written by William Deresiewicz, “. . . takes a sharp look at the high-pressure conveyor belt that begins with parents and counselors who demand perfect grades and continues into college. As schools shift focus from the liberal arts to narrowly “practical” subjects like economics and computer science, students are losing the ability to think for themselves.”

Though Warner speaks only of the inability of “elite” students, students who have been afforded the best education money can buy, to be able to write well enough to communicate their ideas, Deresiewicz extends that reality to the total miseducation of the “elite.”

The Miseducation of the American Negro was outlined in the early fifties by Carter G. Woodson and now William Deresiewicz has brought the same realization to the elite.

If the children of the elite are being miseducated and poor children are being miseducated, then it stands to reason that the children of the “middle class” are not being properly educated either.

It is the intent of the “hedgehogs” that financially manipulate the leaders of our current system of education to keep the American public under control by standardizing their beliefs and opinions.

It is the intent of our current system of education to keep the public’s beliefs and opinions under control through the segregation, demoralization, discrimination, and dehumanization of our children.

While teachers and parents protest testing, charter schools, and the common core, the miseducation of American children is ignored as is the enslavement to the hate and discontent that keeps the profits of the “hedgehogs” ever increasing.

When we provide every child in America with a developmentally appropriate, Arts based, experiential education that concentrates on discovering, developing, and directing their gifts and talents, we will finally begin to properly educate all of America’s children.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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