Democrats On Education

The Democratic Party released their 2016 Democratic Party Platform Draft.

Their platform is as follows:
Raise Incomes and Restore Economic Security for the Middle Class
{There should be no class system in America, equality, freedom, and justice, “for all”.}

Create Good-Paying Jobs
{Good paying jobs exist, just not for everyone.}

Fight for Economic Fairness and Against Inequality
{What is “economic fairness”?}

Bring Americans Together and Remove Barriers to Create Ladders of Opportunity
{The major barrier to opportunity is the class system that they wish to support and grow.}

Protect Voting Rights, Fix Our Campaign Finance System, and Restore Our Democracy
{It is agreed, we no longer live in a Democracy!}

Combat Climate Change, Build a Clean Energy Economy, and Secure Environmental Justice
{Our environment is more important than our children’s education.}

Provide Quality and Affordable Education
{We must provide every child in America with an “excellent” education regardless of the cost.}

Ensure the Health and Safety of All Americans
{Did they mean “insure” since they cannot make certain that All Americans will be healthy and safe?}

Principled Leadership
{Interesting that this is so far down on their list.}

Support Our Troops and Keep Faith with Our Veterans
{Again, interesting that this is so far down on the list.}

Confront Global Threats
{When we effectively and efficiently confront the internal threats our Nation faces we can then look to help our global neighbors.}

Protect Our Values
A Leader in the World
{What values are we protecting and in what way do we want to lead the world?}

Since these things are generally prioritized, it is clear that education is not a priority of the Democratic party.

The Republican Party Platform doesn’t mention education at all.

It is understandable that neither party is concerned with educating America’s children. Both know and understand that the best way to control the populous is to keep them ignorant of their power to control themselves.

When we provide every child in America with a developmentally appropriate, Arts based, experiential education, we will dispense with party politics and begin governing ourselves.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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