Definitely Gifted

In 2014 this article “Luvelle Brown: Engaged in the Transformative” was printed in Ithacacom by Marjorie Olds in which she quotes Mr. Brown as saying,

“I am a lifelong learner. I had to struggle to talk, to overcome speech problems,” he said. “I wasn’t a naturally gifted student. I had to overcompensate. I had to study harder than many kids to succeed in school. To become a competent speaker and develop good communication skills I watched videos and shows. I listened to the best speakers, I practiced, and I forced myself to speak, speak publicly whenever I could.”

As Superintendent of schools Mr. Brown has fallen prey to the propaganda that he was not naturally gifted. Fortunately Brown was gifted with parents who believed in him.

The article continues, “Along with learning, regardless of what others express to me, I am in control of my verbal and emotional response. My parents are servant leaders whom I’ve never seen unhappy or disgruntled.”

Luvelle Brown was raised to believe in himself because he had parents that believed in him. He is a lifelong learner because that is what his parents taught him to be.

Unfortunately, not every child has parents that are positive role models for learning. Not every child has parents who have high expectations for their educational success. This is why educational institutions exist, to provide children in school with the knowledge and understanding of and respect for humanity they may not receive at home.

Without knowing and understanding the gifts he possessed, Brown accomplished his goal to become a competent public speaker but he had to struggle to do so. Imagine if his teachers believed in his abilities instead of his disability, how much easier his educational journey would have been.

If our new Superintendent does not recognize and respect his own gifts and talents how will he be able to recognize the gifts and talents of his staff.

Our children deserve to be educated by those who believe they possess the gifts and talents necessary to become knowledgeable, respectful, actively engaged citizens.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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