Out Of The Mouth Of Brown

It appears that Dr. Luvelle Brown, Superintendent of Ithaca City Schools will be Rochester’s new superintendent.

As reported by QCountry 103, “Dr. Luvelle Brown, Superintendent of Ithaca City Schools said the district fully supports the new Common Core standards.

“There have been some things I would do differently as far as implementation, but our kids can’t wait for us to implement high quality curriculum in our classrooms,” Brown said. “There is a sense of urgency around that work. So as far as, ‘Should we be waiting on that?’ No.”

Brown said he recognizes some issues with the implementation of the standards but still supports them.””

Brown is also reported as saying, “We’re hoping to immerse our community in a common learning experience,” Brown said, “and to have a deeper understanding of the Common Core and the shifts in English language arts and mathematics and to leave with an understanding about why the Common Core is important for us, and what we do in our classrooms to support these shifts. We also hope to dispel some myths about the Common Core and what it is.” Ithacacom

It is evident from their choice for superintendent of the Rochester City School District that the Board will continue to follow the State’s plan to standardize our children.

The choice of Brown for superintendent supports the decision making of John B. King, Secretary of Education which will insure the federal funding of the State and the State funding of the RCSD.

The decision to make Brown superintendent is a decision to continue to subject our children to the damaging effects of common core instruction.

As we welcome Dr. Brown to the position we must also welcome the testing, evaluations, and data collection that lines the pockets of the “hedgehogs” and destroys the ingenuity and creativity of our children.

There is no adult wisdom here and our babes are suffering.

We must begin to take a closer look at those who are chosen to lead our system of education. If their leadership opposes our direction we must choose different leaders.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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