The Beginning Of The End

As the end of the school year approaches our children face another six weeks of freedom from the boredom of the classroom.

Excitement rises as the real learning experiences, field trips, are seen as fun activities that come at the end of the school year after testing and learning is over.

In the next fifteen days students will walk and ride their way to museums, zoos, planetariums, living museums and even art galleries in order to pass the days away until summer vacation begins.

Teachers will be busy breaking down their classrooms, getting ready to leave them empty so that they can be cleaned over the summer unless they will be used for summer school activities.

Some teachers will enjoy the time off but most will obtain summer employment to stave off the bills that continue to arrive even though the paychecks have stopped.

Fortunate teachers, those selected by their administrators, will teach summer school, a time when they can actually enjoy teaching and their students.

Some summer school classes will take advantage of real learning experiences such as the Native American village at Ganondagan or Genesee Country Museum.

Those children fortunate enough to be accepted into a summer school program know that they will experience six weeks of “summer camp” fun and at the end, automatically move up to the next grade level.

Research shows that every child loses a certain amount of learning over summer vacation. Research also supports year round, experiential learning. However, our school board continually rejects both in favor of standardized seat learning and summers off.

There is no secret to educational success. There is however, the questionable intent of our leaders in education to promote that success.

When we have the answers to the problems that we face educating our children but choose to ignore the obvious research based solutions, it is clear that our leaders wish to maintain the failure they have been supporting for decades.

We must, as a community, begin to put an end to the failure of our School Board to create success.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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