The Process Is Not The Problem

The Rochester City School District is looking for a new superintendent. Dr. William Cala has categorically refused the position and should no longer be expected to “save” our district.

RCSD School Board President Van White has stated that the current process being implemented to secure the next superintendent is not a transparent process where the community is allowed to meet and interview the candidates because, “. . . White said the board’s previous process hadn’t yielded results.”

The transparent process that President White is referring to did not result in the hiring of the candidate chosen by the community. In fact, in the only two truly transparent superintendent search processes, the Board of Education chose not to hire the candidate most preferred by the community. So naturally the process did not yield results.

If the report naming the current candidates for superintendent is true, there is one candidate that stands out among the rest, Michelle Hancock.

A former teacher and administrator with the district, Ms. Hancock has a reputation of being respectful, honest, and fair.

As a teacher and administrator Ms. Hancock had the highest expectations for every member of the school community. Those same expectations continued when she was asked to create and facilitate a leadership program for teachers. Ms. Hancock left the RCSD under the superintendence of Jean-Claude Brizard, chosen by the Board even though the community wanted Dr. William Cala, then interim superintendent, to be the superintendent.

The Rochester community must not be fooled, it is not the transparent process of choosing a superintendent that is flawed, it is the lack of respect for the community voice and the inept decision-making abilities of the Board that has kept the Rochester City School District among the worst in the State.

Our children deserve a Board of Education that is concerned with their educational success not the financial success of the “hedgehogs” that control our State and Federal education departments.

Our children and our district deserve a Superintendent who has the highest of expectations for their success and believes that they can attain that success.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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