Accountability Across The Board

Scapegoat: A person or group that is made to bear blame for others.

We continue to talk about teacher and student accountability, what about community and administrative accountability.

For decades the Rochester City School District has seen little success in raising the graduation rate or lowering the drop-out rate.

The community is responsible for “watchdogging” the School Board. However, in the “Big Five” the community has little input into the functioning of the Board, it is led by the State, not the people. However, each year the community elects the incumbents running for School Board regardless of the failure they continue to fund.

Our School Board is responsible for balancing the budget, creating policy, and enforcing procedure, they claim no responsibility for student failure. There is no measure of accountability for the School Board even though the policies and procedures they adopt have a direct effect on student achievement.

The Superintendent is responsible for following the orders of the Board and making sure that the community is kept cajoled.

There is no standardized test for the Superintendent though decisions made at this level affect the climate of all district school communities which has been proven to effect teacher attitude which can negatively effect student achievement.

The administration is responsible for the “administration” of policy and procedures and the RCSD has ensconced itself in administrative leaders who follow the directions of the Superintendent and are alienated from the school community they lead.

Originally standardized testing was to evaluate administrators as well as teachers however that purpose quickly fell away and administrators went quietly into that goodnight, safe from accountability.

Teachers are told what to teach and how to teach what is to be taught. How can they be held responsible for the failure of their students when they are not allowed to connect to their gifts and talents or the gifts and talents of their students in order to improve everyone’s learning?

Students and teachers are the scapegoats for a system of education that promotes educational failure.

Everyone is responsible for changing the system.

Join the movement to Save Our Children!

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