No Budget Vote – No Real Voice

In at least one kindergarten class at School #33 the children were taught to sing and sign a song for their graduation ceremony.

Imagine, five year old children learning sign language through song.

Their next year of schooling will be quite different.

Learning sign language will not be part of their curricular studies.

Citizenship has also been removed from the curriculum. Children are no longer expected to learn about their neighborhood, their city, their community leaders, or local public servants.

Social studies is all but ignored at the early levels of education which means that children no longer learn about the various cultures that have influenced the growth and progress of America.

Geography is generally taught in Music class with no real engagement in the classroom until Fifth grade.

Language Arts has taken a back seat to Math and Science and teaching children to write in cursive is a thing of the past.

Field trips to educational institutions such as museums and art galleries rarely happen and are generally saved as “fun” activities for the end of the school year, after testing.

It is the time of year for citizens to vote on their community’s school budget.

Rochester’s citizens are not afforded that luxury.

Because Rochester is a member of the “Big Five” its citizens must accept the budgetary decisions of a Board of Education that has been unable to curtail the extreme failure of this district for more than a decade.

Because the Rochester City School District is dependent on State and Federal relief to secure and maintain its fiscal stability, the decisions the Board makes are based on what is best for the budget and not what is best for the children it is charged with educating.

The citizens of Rochester are locked out of one of the most important decision making processes involved in education. And, because the citizens have no say in the budget, they have no power over the Board.

The system of education in Rochester will continue to fail because the voting voice of Rochestarians has been silenced.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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