Added Value Not Value Added

It is ridiculous to think that there is no value added to a child’s life after having attended school and experiencing the connection to other human beings the school community offers.

The school community, the entire school community has a drastic effect on how a child views the world.

Are the teachers supported? If so, the students will have confidence in their teacher’s ability to lead and will listen to them.

Are the teachers supporting? If so, the students will be comfortable in their classes and receptive to their lessons.

Are the adult members of the school community respectful? If so, the students will be respectful.

Is the expectation of the students success? If so, the students will be successful.

Once again education advocates have been drawn off point by “hedgehog” propaganda mongers who keep the public distracted with inconsequential protests that accomplish little.

The harm being done to children because of standardized testing and teacher evaluations is real. However, testing students is not the problem in education and neither is teacher evaluation, making the fight against testing and the evaluations that come with testing moot.

We must, as a united nation, fight against a federally controlled system of education. Education is a state’s right and states must not be bullied by the federal government to use taxpayer dollars to support “hedgehog” profits.

The national standard for education should be to provide every child with a free and public, developmentally appropriate, Arts based, experiential education that concentrates on discovering, developing, and directing the individual gifts and talents of all children, delivered in neighborhood schools by dedicated professionals who respect the gifts and talents of everyone in the school community.

The added value of changing the perceptions of and expectations for all children will be an increase in the positive perception and expectations children will acquire for themselves.

Once our children know and understand they are gifted and talented and that they have something valuable to contribute to this life, their life, there will be an added value of humanity to the world.

Join the Movement to Savee Our Children!

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