Our System Of Education Is Abusive

NEW YORK DAILY NEWS reporter Lisa L. Colangelo quoted New York State Regents Chancellor Betty Rosa as saying, ”

“Forcing special needs and English language learners to take high stakes standardized tests is “abusive,”

“It’s not the kids failing,” said Rosa, . . . “It’s a failure of the system.”

“We need to explore other ways,” . . . “Just one test one time is not the only way.”

As the Rochester City School District searches for a new superintendent, the Board of Regents has a new Chancellor and the U.S. Department of Education has a new Education Secretary, John B. King.

The fact is, no matter who our new superintendent is and no matter how Chancellor Rosa feels, John B. King is our nation’s Education Secretary and that means all federal policies and procedures will be assessed and approved by him.

The American people must not be fooled by the well meaning servants of the people when they have no power to affect change within the hallowed halls of federal policy.

Should the federal government continue to force states to adopt their common core standards, state and local governments who are more interested in securing federal funding than educating their citizens will continue to kowtow to federal financial demands whether they agree with them or not.

We, the people, cannot become comfortable in the words of political appointees when those who appointed them are still in power and still in the pockets of the “hedgehogs”.

There are and have been many education advocates who have been proven successful in increasing student achievement while ignoring the commands of the Education Czars yet these individuals were not chosen as chancellor or secretary.

We cannot underestimate the manipulation and control the “hedgehogs” use and have over the political leaders that decide the fate of education in America. It is necessary for the American people to become and remain ignorant in order to secure the profits that maintain their power.

Forcing any child to be standardized is abusive.

All of America’s children deserve to be recognized and respected for their gifts and talents.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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