One Small Step Towards Change

Times Union reporter Bethany Bump wrote this about the Sheri Lederman case,
“Sheri Lederman decided to sue the state in September 2014 after it gave her an “ineffective” rating on the student growth component of her annual evaluation, even though her students’ test scores met or exceeded those of other students statewide by more than two times.”

NYSUT recently released this statement:
“As we move forward, NYSUT remains committed to working with the Regents to develop a fair and objective evaluation system that provides meaningful support to teachers so they can best serve students.”

It is admirable that Mrs. Lederman took a stand to protect the rights of all teachers from an arbitrary and capricious system of evaluation.

The evaluation of our children by standardized tests is also arbitrary and capricious.

Are we educating our children to become knowledgeable, respectful, responsible citizens or is their only value the test score they receive?

What value is added to a child who is made to believe that their only contribution to this life is as a worker?

As NYSUT searches for a compromise between what is best for them and what is best for the corporations that fund them, teachers across America should engage in the fight to end the arbitrary and capricious system of evaluation that enslaves both students and teachers to the capitalistic greed of the “hedgehogs”.

To ignore the gifts and talents of teachers and evaluate them on their ability to deliver instruction is as dehumanizing as ignoring the gifts and talents of the students, evaluating them only on the instruction delivered.

Our teachers and our children deserve a system of education that acknowledges and respects the gifts and talents they bring, not only to the classroom but the entire school community.

Our teachers and our children deserve a system of education that is developmentally appropriate, Arts based, and experiential so that the teacher and the child can grow together, learning from each other, becoming stronger and more independent, together.

When we value people over money we can properly evaluate our children’s success.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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