Standardize To Capitalize

“I believe in standardizing automobiles. I do not believe in standardizing human beings. Standardization is a great peril which threatens American culture.” Albert Einstein

Lynn Stoddard for the Deseret News asks, “What would American culture be like if teachers had been respected and trusted enough to determine the learning needs of each student and help him or her develop unique talents and use them to benefit society?”

Stoddard continues, “Perhaps the largest damage to our culture is the countless people who have died with their music still in them because they attended schools devoted to standardizing students.”

The schools Mr. Stoddard is referring to are poor inner city neighborhood public schools.

It is in these schools that the gifts and talents of children are replaced by disciplinary measures, classification, and standardization.

It is no secret that children who attend poor inner-city public schools do not have the option to discover their gifts and talents. In fact they are not even made aware of the fact that they possess any type of gift or talent.

Educators have been removed from the classroom and replaced by individuals who only want to follow the rules to make it through the school year without being displaced or replaced.

Normed responses have replaced critical thinking and being able to properly articulate the English language is a thing of the past. Children are no longer taught cursive handwriting skills because, we are told, in the future there will be no need to sign their name.

The Arts are always diminished or deleted from the curriculum whenever budget cuts are necessary leaving our children at the mercy of anthologies and standardized testing.

Einstein understood and warned us of the perils of the standardization of our nation.

Our children lack critical thinking skills, ingenuity, and creativity. Most importantly our children lack the self respect that comes from believing in oneself.

When we begin to respect the gifts and talents of our educators, they will be able to discover, develop, and direct the gifts and talents that ALL of our children possess.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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