Education Is Honorable Not Money

Educate: To give intellectual, moral, and social instruction.

It is considered an honor by some to have the image of Harriet Tubman on United States currency.

To place the image of Harriet Tubman on money is tantamount to placing the image of Hitler on a Menorah.

Harriet Tubman dedicated her life to freeing individuals from the atrocities of slavery and helping to end the Civil War.

To place the image of Harriet Tubman on the currency that was valued above her life and the lives of countless numbers of human beings who were enslaved so that the elite could profit from the misery inflicted upon others is immoral, unprincipled, and wrong.

The expression “In God We Trust” on money is meaningful to the “hedgehogs” because money is their god.

Placing Harriet Tubman’s image on the currency that they worship once again enslaves her to belief that money, their god, the god that dehumanized and demoralized her and her people, is a good god.

It is the lack of education that allows the American people to believe that it is “honorable” to have your image placed on money.

It is the lack of intellectual, moral, and social instruction that allows our society to value money over humanity.

It would be more honorable to place the story of Harriet Tubman in every elementary school book so that our children can learn of the courage, determination, dedication, and love that Harriet Tubman possessed so that they can realize and obtain these same attributes.

Once again the American public has been duped into believing the “hedgehogs” really care about them when all they really care about is money and how to manipulate the American people into spending their money to insure their profits.

We are told that Americans actually voted for placing the image of Harriet Tubman on currency, obviously not thinking about the effect the worship of that currency had on her life.

We must begin to properly educate our children so that they know and understand that people are more valuable than money and things.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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