The Best Of Intentions

Integration: Incorporation as equals into society or organization of individuals of different groups.

Incorporation: Incorporation is making something part of a whole.

In her blog post, “Integration lets students be comfortable outside their ‘comfort zones’” for Great Schools For All, Ahlia Kitwana writes, “When you take kids from poor city neighborhoods and give them a chance in a middle class school, you push them out of their element, expose them to the possibilities beyond their neighborhoods. That exposure to more, to the endless possibilities, can turn on that hunger, which may feed his or her drive to excel.”

The major question here is, “Why must children from “poor city neighborhoods” have to attend a “middle class” school in order to have a “chance” and be exposed to the possibilities beyond their neighborhoods?”

Another question, “Why don’t the same educational opportunities exist in every public school in every neighborhood?”

It is easy to accept the fact that “poor city neighborhoods” lack the educational opportunities of “middle class” schools when you believe that our government has no financial means to allocate funding to these poor city neighborhood schools to provide the experiences and “endless possibilities” affluent communities provide their children.

This is untrue.

Our federal and state governments have collected billions in educational tax dollars and can provide every public school in America with the resources to successfully educate every child in America.

To admit that children living in “poor city neighborhoods” do not receive the same education as children in affluent neighborhoods and then prefer to move the children instead of advocating for the restructuring of our current system of education so that every child in America is exposed to the “endless possibilities” that life has to offer is to simply comply with the plans of the “hedgehogs” to keep society separated into the “haves” and “have nots” in order to insure their profit stream.

Every child in America deserves to receive an excellent education in their neighborhood so that they can respect who they are and where they live.

America is one nation!

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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