Money For Unions – No Respect For Teachers

Huffpost Education posted a blog by Randi Weingarten, President of the American Federation of Teachers, entitled, “How the Teacher Shortage Could Turn Into a Crisis”.

Ms. Weingarten, a supporter of the common core and Pearson publishing, states that “The last 15 years have been marked by top-down education policies that promoted testing over teaching, competition over collaboration, austerity over investment, and scapegoating teachers rather than valuing them.”

For the last fifteen years teacher’s unions across the country have been receiving money from the “hedgehog” corporations that have financially influenced education policies toward promoting testing, merit pay, anthologies, and Teach for America.

Ms. Weingarten and the heads of the other teacher’s unions have done little to support teachers in any other way except financially, increasing their pay as they increase the pay for teachers.

Teacher’s unions don’t fight for better working conditions, more autonomy in the classroom, or the opportunity for teachers to bring their gifts and talents into the classroom to encourage their students to lean into their gifts and talents and foster in them a sense of self-confidence and self-respect.

Teachers receive no respect from the community because they receive no respect from the very institution that employs them and unions have done little to change that.

Teachers cannot choose their grade level, they cannot choose what and how to teach their students, they have no control over the discipline of their students, they are not included in the policy making of their LEA, and have little input into agendas, schedules, resource acquisition or allocation, or any of the many day to day decisions that facilitate successful learning.

The top of the education chain is the school board and at the bottom are the teachers who, after years of training and thousands of dollars of debt, they are told what and how to teach and are then blamed for the results.

There is no shortage of teachers, there is a shortage of respect.

When we respect the gifts and talents of our educators, we will respect the gifts and talents of our children.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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