Dr. Suess Would Object

From the Federal Register: Applications for New Awards; Magnet Schools Assistance Program

Purpose of Program: The MSAP provides grants to eligible local educational agencies and consortia of LEAs to support magnet schools under an approved, required or voluntary, desegregation plan. By supporting the development and implementation of magnet schools that reduce, eliminate, or prevent minority group isolation, these program resources can be used in pursuit of the objectives of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965, as amended, which supports State and local efforts to enable all elementary and secondary school students to achieve high standards. In particular, the MSAP provides an opportunity for eligible entities to provide students from varied backgrounds with the educational benefits of diversity and equitable access to a high-quality education that will enable all students to succeed academically.

Type of Award: Discretionary grants.

Estimated Available Funds: $91,322,994.

Estimated Range of Awards: $700,000-$4,000,000 per budget year.

Estimated Average Size of Awards: $3,200,000 per budget year.

Maximum Award: $12,000,000.

Estimated Number of Awards: 8-10.

It is clear our government knows what constitutes a quality education since they are willing to provide a quality education to some students.

In order to enable ALL students to succeed academically you must provide ALL students with a high-quality education.

Magnet schools are meaningful to those students who have been given the opportunity to explore their gifts and talents and have some idea of what they would like to “do” or “be” when they become adults.

Unfortunately, these schools only further segregate and discriminate against the majority of students who have not been allowed to explore their gifts and talents or even told they were gifted and talented.

In our current system of education, standardization, segregation, and discrimination are the means by which our children are separated into the “haves” and the “have nots”, the ones with stars upon thars and the plain bellied Sneeches.

All public schools should be magnet schools, drawing All children towards the expression of their gifts and talents by exposing them to the gifts and talents that others possess.

This will bring us all together.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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