Roads To Ruin

Another message from Governor Cuomo:

“I believe that a strong education system paves the path to opportunity for our children. That’s why, here in New York State, we’re investing more in education than ever before.

The 2016-17 state budget increases education aid to $24.8 billion – making it the largest single investment in education in New York’s history. That’s a 6.5 percent increase in school aid from last year – and nearly 27 percent from Fiscal Year 2012.

But not only are we investing at a record level, we’re ending the Gap Elimination Adjustment this year, and making strategic investments that will transform our schools and make the system even stronger for our children.”

On April 12, 2016 the citizens of New York State were told that our legislative body invested $55 billion dollars in repairing the roads in the state.

Today we are told by the governor’s office that it is investing $24.8 billion in education, less than half the amount awarded to the State Department of Transportation.

Does the $24.8 billion include the $5.9 billion in foundation aid that was never paid to public schools?

To know an institutions primary concerns follow their spending stream. Our children’s education is not a priority of the governor or his cabinet.

Should we continue to elect individuals who are unconcerned about the educational welfare of our children we will continue to experience the educational failure that is enveloping this country in the ignorance that keeps it enslaved to the “hedgehogs”.

We, as concerned citizens, must become outraged by the inefficient and ineffective spending of our tax dollars that currently support the profits of the elite while our nation’s poor and middle class protest for decent wages and an excellent education.

Our education tax dollars are being spent on post-secondary education while elementary and secondary education fail to provide our children with the critical thinking skills and positive human interactions that are necessary to succeed in college and in life.

Spending $55 billion to repair roads and $24.8 billion to sustain an inherently flawed and failing system of education simply makes the rich richer and everyone else their ignorant prey.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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