Changing Education Is A Priority

It has been reported that twenty-eight of the fifty-one Rochester City School District schools are priority schools which means they are failing.

It was also reported that many rural and suburban schools around Monroe County are in “good standing”.

To cite poverty as the reason for this assumes that the people living in rural or suburban communities do not experience poverty.

To be more accurate, it is the impoverished attitude of our educational leaders who understand that to fail is to insure a bigger budget.

State funds support failing schools and once a school is off the failing list it no longer receives state and federal funding which is fine if you have a large enough tax base to support your district’s schools.

Unfortunately, large urban districts do not have a large tax base and are enslaved to a process of education that rewards failure.

It is not the poverty of the child that creates educational failure but the poverty of urban districts that must play a losing game in order to receive funding.

Districts like Rochester, classify children and receive more money for those children regardless of whether or not those children are actually disabled or educationally successful.

It is not enough to choose a handful of children and bus them to different districts with the hope of receiving a decent education.

It is inefficient and ineffective to open charter schools that segregate and discriminate.

The only way to insure educational success for our children is to completely change our current system of education from one that thrives on failure to one that supports success.

As long as our state and federal governments pay school districts for failing to provide their students with an excellent education school districts will continue to mis-educate and classify the children of the poor.

When we, as a society, decide to create a system of education that is developmentally appropriate, Arts based, experiential, and dedicated to discovering, developing, and directing the gifts and talents of every child, we will begin to see educational success in every district.

Join the Movement to Save Our Schools!

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