Education Is Honorable Not Money

Educate: To give intellectual, moral, and social instruction.

It is considered an honor by some to have the image of Harriet Tubman on United States currency.

To place the image of Harriet Tubman on money is tantamount to placing the image of Hitler on a Menorah.

Harriet Tubman dedicated her life to freeing individuals from the atrocities of slavery and helping to end the Civil War.

To place the image of Harriet Tubman on the currency that was valued above her life and the lives of countless numbers of human beings who were enslaved so that the elite could profit from the misery inflicted upon others is immoral, unprincipled, and wrong.

The expression “In God We Trust” on money is meaningful to the “hedgehogs” because money is their god.

Placing Harriet Tubman’s image on the currency that they worship once again enslaves her to belief that money, their god, the god that dehumanized and demoralized her and her people, is a good god.

It is the lack of education that allows the American people to believe that it is “honorable” to have your image placed on money.

It is the lack of intellectual, moral, and social instruction that allows our society to value money over humanity.

It would be more honorable to place the story of Harriet Tubman in every elementary school book so that our children can learn of the courage, determination, dedication, and love that Harriet Tubman possessed so that they can realize and obtain these same attributes.

Once again the American public has been duped into believing the “hedgehogs” really care about them when all they really care about is money and how to manipulate the American people into spending their money to insure their profits.

We are told that Americans actually voted for placing the image of Harriet Tubman on currency, obviously not thinking about the effect the worship of that currency had on her life.

We must begin to properly educate our children so that they know and understand that people are more valuable than money and things.

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The Best Of Intentions

Integration: Incorporation as equals into society or organization of individuals of different groups.

Incorporation: Incorporation is making something part of a whole.

In her blog post, “Integration lets students be comfortable outside their ‘comfort zones’” for Great Schools For All, Ahlia Kitwana writes, “When you take kids from poor city neighborhoods and give them a chance in a middle class school, you push them out of their element, expose them to the possibilities beyond their neighborhoods. That exposure to more, to the endless possibilities, can turn on that hunger, which may feed his or her drive to excel.”

The major question here is, “Why must children from “poor city neighborhoods” have to attend a “middle class” school in order to have a “chance” and be exposed to the possibilities beyond their neighborhoods?”

Another question, “Why don’t the same educational opportunities exist in every public school in every neighborhood?”

It is easy to accept the fact that “poor city neighborhoods” lack the educational opportunities of “middle class” schools when you believe that our government has no financial means to allocate funding to these poor city neighborhood schools to provide the experiences and “endless possibilities” affluent communities provide their children.

This is untrue.

Our federal and state governments have collected billions in educational tax dollars and can provide every public school in America with the resources to successfully educate every child in America.

To admit that children living in “poor city neighborhoods” do not receive the same education as children in affluent neighborhoods and then prefer to move the children instead of advocating for the restructuring of our current system of education so that every child in America is exposed to the “endless possibilities” that life has to offer is to simply comply with the plans of the “hedgehogs” to keep society separated into the “haves” and “have nots” in order to insure their profit stream.

Every child in America deserves to receive an excellent education in their neighborhood so that they can respect who they are and where they live.

America is one nation!

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Money For Unions – No Respect For Teachers

Huffpost Education posted a blog by Randi Weingarten, President of the American Federation of Teachers, entitled, “How the Teacher Shortage Could Turn Into a Crisis”.

Ms. Weingarten, a supporter of the common core and Pearson publishing, states that “The last 15 years have been marked by top-down education policies that promoted testing over teaching, competition over collaboration, austerity over investment, and scapegoating teachers rather than valuing them.”

For the last fifteen years teacher’s unions across the country have been receiving money from the “hedgehog” corporations that have financially influenced education policies toward promoting testing, merit pay, anthologies, and Teach for America.

Ms. Weingarten and the heads of the other teacher’s unions have done little to support teachers in any other way except financially, increasing their pay as they increase the pay for teachers.

Teacher’s unions don’t fight for better working conditions, more autonomy in the classroom, or the opportunity for teachers to bring their gifts and talents into the classroom to encourage their students to lean into their gifts and talents and foster in them a sense of self-confidence and self-respect.

Teachers receive no respect from the community because they receive no respect from the very institution that employs them and unions have done little to change that.

Teachers cannot choose their grade level, they cannot choose what and how to teach their students, they have no control over the discipline of their students, they are not included in the policy making of their LEA, and have little input into agendas, schedules, resource acquisition or allocation, or any of the many day to day decisions that facilitate successful learning.

The top of the education chain is the school board and at the bottom are the teachers who, after years of training and thousands of dollars of debt, they are told what and how to teach and are then blamed for the results.

There is no shortage of teachers, there is a shortage of respect.

When we respect the gifts and talents of our educators, we will respect the gifts and talents of our children.

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No New Thing Under The Sun

From the Federal Register: NCES System Clearance for Cognitive, Pilot, and Field Test Studies; ED-2016-ICCD-0040; Correction

On April 5, 2016 the U.S. Department of Education published a 60-day comment period notice in the Federal Register . . . seeking public comment for an information collection entitled, “NCES System Clearance for Cognitive, Pilot, and Field Test Studies.” The number of responses and burden hours were incorrect. The responses are 600,000 and the burden hours are 240,000. The projected increase in burden is due to an increased projection of the need for developmental studies related to plans for beginning new studies and redesign activities for existing studies, including transitions to more online surveys and assessments in the next three years.

Federal Register: Applications for New Awards; Performance Partnership Pilots

Eligible Applicants: The lead applicant must be a State, local, or tribal government entity, represented by a Chief Executive, such as a governor, mayor, or other elected leader, or the head of a State, local, or tribal agency.

Eligible Subgrantees: . . . may award subgrants—to directly carry out project activities described in its application—to the following types of entities: State governmental agencies; local governmental agencies, including local educational agencies; tribal governmental agencies; institutions of higher education; and nonprofit organizations.

Estimated Available Funds: Up to $3,050,000.

What we can glean from these notices is that our federal government will continue to test and ultimately increase testing in the next three years even though across the country, parents, teachers, students, and the community are fighting to decrease testing.

As well, states will receive up to $3 million dollars in federal funding their elected officials can dispense to the nonprofits the “hedgehogs” control.

Our federal and state governments are collecting billions in educational tax dollars that are ultimately funneled into the coffers of the “hedgehogs” through nonprofit and not-for-profit institutions owned and operated by for profit corporations.

Our federal and state tax dollars must be utilized to provide every child in America with a developmentally appropriate, Arts based experiential education that concentrates on discovering, developing, and directing their individual gifts and talents towards becoming knowledgeable, actively engaged citizens.

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We Know – Now Let’s Do

The article below, written in July of 2012, shows, unequivocally that we, as a society, know how best to educate our children.

10 Ways to Promote Student Engagement By: Maryellen Weimer, PhD

1. Enhance students’ self-belief
2. Enable students to work autonomously, enjoy learning relationships with others, and feel they are competent to achieve their own objectives
3. Recognize that teaching and teachers are central to engagement
4. Create learning that is active, collaborative, and fosters learning relationships
5. Create educational experiences for students that are challenging and enriching and that extend their academic abilities
6. Ensure that institutional cultures are welcoming to students from diverse backgrounds
7. Invest in a variety of support services
8. Adapt to changing student expectations
9. Enable students to become active citizens
10. Enable students to develop their social and cultural capital

These ten recommendations to engage students in their own learning are the foundation to providing every child in America with an excellent education.

These ten recommendations to engage students in their own learning and educational success are in total opposition to the common core curriculum. They are in total opposition to the schooling children in poor urban communities generally receive.

1. In poor urban communities students are classified as learning disabled, fostering a disbelief in self.
2. In poor urban communities, students are not made to feel confident but are ridiculed for their independent beliefs.
3. Teachers across the country are devalued.
4. Common core instruction is passive and fosters repetition and regurgitation.
5. Common core instruction removes experience from learning.
6. Children from diverse cultures are discriminated against, demoralized, and then standardized.
7. Support services lack any connection to learning.
8. Students are not expected to have expectations.
9. Citizenry is not valued or taught in the common core curriculum.
10. The only capital developed is the profits of the “hedgehogs”.

These ten strategies that promote the educational success of our children provide an excellent foundation to changing the intent of education so that it concentrates on discovering, developing, and directing the individual gifts and talents of all of America’s children towards becoming knowledgeable, actively engaged citizens of these United States.

We know, now let’s do.

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Dr. Suess Would Object

From the Federal Register: Applications for New Awards; Magnet Schools Assistance Program

Purpose of Program: The MSAP provides grants to eligible local educational agencies and consortia of LEAs to support magnet schools under an approved, required or voluntary, desegregation plan. By supporting the development and implementation of magnet schools that reduce, eliminate, or prevent minority group isolation, these program resources can be used in pursuit of the objectives of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965, as amended, which supports State and local efforts to enable all elementary and secondary school students to achieve high standards. In particular, the MSAP provides an opportunity for eligible entities to provide students from varied backgrounds with the educational benefits of diversity and equitable access to a high-quality education that will enable all students to succeed academically.

Type of Award: Discretionary grants.

Estimated Available Funds: $91,322,994.

Estimated Range of Awards: $700,000-$4,000,000 per budget year.

Estimated Average Size of Awards: $3,200,000 per budget year.

Maximum Award: $12,000,000.

Estimated Number of Awards: 8-10.

It is clear our government knows what constitutes a quality education since they are willing to provide a quality education to some students.

In order to enable ALL students to succeed academically you must provide ALL students with a high-quality education.

Magnet schools are meaningful to those students who have been given the opportunity to explore their gifts and talents and have some idea of what they would like to “do” or “be” when they become adults.

Unfortunately, these schools only further segregate and discriminate against the majority of students who have not been allowed to explore their gifts and talents or even told they were gifted and talented.

In our current system of education, standardization, segregation, and discrimination are the means by which our children are separated into the “haves” and the “have nots”, the ones with stars upon thars and the plain bellied Sneeches.

All public schools should be magnet schools, drawing All children towards the expression of their gifts and talents by exposing them to the gifts and talents that others possess.

This will bring us all together.

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A Little Child Shall Lead Them

It is being said that if any real political change is going to happen in this country it will begin with students.

Throughout history students have led revolutions against political oppression around the world.

Why then, aren’t the students in America taking action against a government that would standardize, demoralize, and dehumanize them?

Education, or more appropriately, the lack of an excellent education.

The mis-education of America’s children is purposeful and lucrative. American education “schools” our children, teaching them to be followers instead of leaders.

Our great nation is dependent upon the affluence of the “middle class” and the poverty of the “low class” to maintain the profits of the “hedgehogs” and the payoffs of the politicians.

The people, the true government of our nation, have been lulled into the complacency of want, content to allow those who have no interest in their day to day experiences to control those experiences by enacting laws that govern the people instead of allowing the people to govern themselves.

Americans have been mis-educated to believe that only a politician should be president when it is an exceptional aspect of our Constitution that says any American can be president.

A government of the people, by the people, for the people, would not allow our current system of education to continue to enslave our children to the standardization that deprives them of their individuality.

Students in countries around the world revolt because their basic needs are not being met. American students do not need, they want. It is not necessary to revolt against a system that supplies your needs so that you can concentrate on your wants, becoming self-centered, egotistical, and motivated by money, necessary to insure “hedgehog” profits.

When we, as Americans, decide to provide every child in America with a developmentally appropriate, Arts based, experiential education that is concentrated on discovering, developing, and directing their individual gifts and talents towards becoming knowledgeable, respectful, actively engaged, citizens, our children will become the agents for positive change toward uniting the world in peace.

Suffer not the little children.

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