Words Are Meaningful

We often find ourselves using words that have similar meanings yet send a very different message.

Homonyms are particularly interesting as they sound similar but can have diametrically opposed meanings.

Such are the words pray and prey.

To pray is to give yourself up to the divine being you believe is God.

To prey is to go in search of and attack that which is weaker than you.

We commonly express the opposite of good to be bad when we know that the true opposite of good is evil. So, when we are not engaged in good, we are doing evil. However, that is too harsh a word and so “bad” has taken its place.

It is alright to do a bad job but it is not alright to consider yourself “evil” for doing so. And, yet, it is evil.

Evil itself is an interesting word as it spells live when reversed which is a homograph.

Also interesting, the reverse spelling of love begins the word evolve, to rise to a higher state of consciousness.

There is a distinct difference between a system of education that considers our children to be “disabled” instead of “abled”. Only 6% to 10% of All American children are “labeled” or considered gifted and talented, few are minorities.

There is the opportunity for evil to enter our beliefs and then our actions when we see others as “less” capable than ourselves. Feed a man a fish, teach him how to fish.

If every child can learn then every child is gifted and talented in some way that will facilitate their success, in an excellent system of education.

We must demand, not ask, that our educational tax dollars be spent providing every child in America with a free and public, developmentally appropriate, Arts based, experiential, education, delivered by dedicated educators who recognize and respect their personal gifts and talents and the gifts and talents of ALL others in their educational experience so that our children will respect themselves and others throughout their lives and be able to choose good over evil.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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