It Is Becoming Clear

Recently, Tim Farley, a New York principal “outed” the National PTA for its support of common core testing standards. In his statement he noted that we are fighting for the wrong things.

He states: ““As the parent of four school-aged children, the PTA’s recommendations seem to fall short of what they should be advocating for:
*smaller class sizes
*enriching curricula that includes music and the arts
*funding schools fully, equitably, and fairly
supporting teachers in the classroom
*decoupling student test scores from teacher effectiveness ratings
*stopping the unfettered collection of our children’s personally identifiable information”

Mr. Farley has put the needs of the children in perspective.

Smaller class sizes so that children can receive the individual attention they deserve, teachers can form a relationship with the child’s family and students can learn to work together and respect each other’s gifts and talents.

Enriching curricula that includes music and the arts has been shown to improve learning regardless of the child’s learning style.

Funding schools fully, equitably, and fairly can only happen when we remove the illegal yet sanctioned discrimination and racism that places our children in segregated, underperforming schools.

Supporting teachers in the classroom. This is important however, it is more important to support the gifts and talents teachers bring to the classroom that allow them to differentiate their lessons according to the learning styles of their students by recognizing and respecting the gifts and talents of their students.

Mr. Farley places test scores and data collection last on his list suggesting they are the least important in determining the educational success of our children. If that was his intent, he is correct.

It is finally becoming evident that our children deserve more from their education than a college career or a job.

Our children deserve an education that prepares them for a successful life as a knowledgeable, actively engaged citizen that recognizes and respects the gifts and talents we all possess to make this world a better place in which to live.

Education must concentrate on the development of the whole child.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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