Governmental Institutionalized Racism

From the Federal Register

Applications for New Awards; Predominantly Black Institutions Formula Grant Program

Purpose of Program: The Predominantly Black Institutions Formula Grant Program provides grants to eligible institutions to plan, develop, undertake, and implement programs that enhance their capacity to serve more low- and middle-income Black American students; to expand higher education opportunities for eligible students by encouraging college preparation and student persistence in secondary school and postsecondary education; and to strengthen the financial ability of the institutions to serve the academic needs of these students.

Estimated Available Funds: $9,942,000.

Our government is awarding private, post-secondary institutions nearly $10 million dollars to do what they are supposed to do, serve the academic needs of students.

The implication here is that “Black American students” something the government should not acknowledge since it has been illegal to discriminate according to color since the sixties, are wanting educationally and that “these” students require special programs in order to be properly served.

If these children were “properly served” in their “free and public” elementary and secondary school, there would be no need for our education tax dollars to serve the needs of the “hedgehogs” that profit from the educational failure of our children.

The idea that money is the precursor to intelligence is abhorrent. To say that low and middle income “Black” children are more educationally needy than low and middle income “White” children is not only racist but it allows the “hedgehogs” to capitalize on the ignorance of the racist culture of Americans who believe that poverty creates ignorance instead of recognizing and understanding the truth, that ignorance creates poverty.

To allow our government to place money before the natural talents and abilities that all children possess allows the “hedgehogs” to place our children into the slavery that insures their profits.

When every child in America is provided a developmentally appropriate, Arts based, experiential education that concentrates on discovering, developing, and directing their gifts and talents towards becoming knowledgeable, actively engaged citizens, we will be able to remove the racism that has become institutionalized within our government.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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