What Children Need

The Science of Art by Carrie Heflin, guest blogger for NSTA Blog wrote:

“We are aware that young children need sensory experiences and multiple exposures to materials to ensure that they are properly able to learn new skills and remember information. Adding more Arts-based programming into the curriculum is a logical way to accomplish these goals because art comes naturally in many forms such as painting, sculpture, literature, theater and music.

These media can engage various senses and reinforce ideas both through their more passive interactions, such as watching a play or looking at a painting, and through hands-on creation. However, the Arts are often under-utilized in school settings because proper training on their cross-curricular use is not made available to educators and funding for such trainings and programs is lacking.”

There is a huge difference between what children need to learn and what schools need to educate children.

Children need music, drawing, interpersonal interactions, hands-on experiences, interpersonal communication with adults and other children, things that Arts-based programming and play bring to learning.

Schools need funding to support this type of education which private and some charter schools offer. There are even public schools in large urban districts that offer such an education however, they are quickly being charged to promote the common core curriculum being forced upon them by the government.

Some teachers are taught the Montessori method of childhood education, which recognizes and supports the gifts and talents of children, while most others, trained in State and Federally funded colleges, are taught to deliver the standardizing curriculum that segregates, demoralizes, and dehumanizes our children.

Americans are aware that public schools in large urban areas around the country are failing because they do not receive the proper funding to succeed. These districts are controlled by the Federal Department of Education which controls their State Ed departments.

Education should be in the hands of the people not the government.

All children deserve an education that discovers, develops, and directs their gifts and talents towards becoming knowledgeable, actively engaged citizens of these United States.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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