An Expert Opinion

There are those who believe that because they have studied and worked in a field that they are experts in that field and can therefore give advice to others about that field.

These experts are learned individuals who are talented in taking information they read and research that has been done and synthesizing that into a relevant and important conclusion about that field.

However when dealing with human beings, the research done and information collected, concentrates on certain aspects of human behavior, on certain subjects, to prove specific theories about why people do what they do.

The Atlantic asked twelve “experts” in the field of education to offer their comments on whether or not public schools can be fixed.

The article begins:
“It’s been a tumultuous year for America’s schools—one marked by an expanding minority-student population, an increasingly discontent teaching force, a backlash against standardized testing, and shifting understanding of education reform.”

Why is it an expanding minority-student population is seen as “tumultuous” to education. What is a “minority-student?

The article continues:
“Education is often touted as a means for boosting social mobility and making communities more equal, but inequality in school funding and resources has made that difficult to achieve, especially amid increasing poverty rates. Segregation in districts, both tacit and explicit, is holding scores of children back, and performance on math and reading assessments has remained relatively stagnant.”

Why are our nations public schools inequitably funded? Why do we allow our current system of education to segregate our children?

Of the twelve experts interviewed, none seem to come from the impoverished neighborhoods where public schools suffer most.

Of the twelve experts that offered their opinion, it is doubtful that their children ever attended the public schools that are deficient of funding, segregated, standardized, and failing.

It is up to the majority of the American people to demand that we change the system of education so that every child in America receives a developmentally appropriate, Arts based, experiential education that concentrated on discovering, developing, and directing their individual gifts and talents.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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